We work hard to create a fun, mysterious journey for our guests. However, we understand that not everyone likes surprises!  If you want to keep the mystery alive, TURN BACK NOW!


If you like to plan ahead, then












If you like predictability, then by all means, call us or book online! However, we welcome walk-ins and will always do our best to get you seated as soon as possible. We encourage parties of over 6 to make a reservation so we can make sure you all get seated together!

The tea shop Teatotallers at 123 West Front Street, Traverse City, Michigan serves as our screening area.  Our friendly doorman will look up your reservation or find space for your party, then check your IDs.

If you don’t have the password we emailed you, or are a walk-in, we’ll give you a password on-the-spot.  Beware!  If you forget your password, you may have to get creative convincing our host to let you in!

Dress Code: Whatever you like!

As long as you have on a shirt and shoes, you're welcome here!  You'll probably see a mix of glam flappers, workin' Joes, and loved ones celebrating.  So wear what you like!

We offer seating for groups of 2 - 8 people, with no standing room available. For larger parties, we are happy to arrange private rooms or whole-speakeasy rentals; please call  231-753-8841 or email events@123speakeasy.com.

In addition to bar seating, we offer family-style arrangements of authentic Victorian and Eastlake antiques, such as velvet couches and upholstered chaises.  Our drinks and food are all presented in a curated collection of vintage crystal and glassware.


We infuse all our brews with organic, seasonal, and local ingredients. Our simple syrups and bitters are made in-house as well.

Our food menu complements our drink menu, and also uses seasonal ingredients from Birch Point Farm, located right outside of Traverse City. We offer a variety of shareable plates that serve 2 - 3 people; they're perfect for appetizers, desserts, or several ordered together can make a meal.

We value our partnerships with local business, and are proud to offer a collection of wines from Brys Estates Vineyard and Winery, as well as beers from Right Brain Brewery.  As with the rest of our menu, we rotate our offerings seasonally to bring you different treats all year long!

One last note: we proudly use the best local, seasonal, organic, and foraged ingredients in our drinks and food. We also pay our entire staff a living wage (before tips are applied). As you know, it gets more expensive to live in the city each year. We hope it comes as no surprise that we support and nourish our team, just as we do with the community at large. Our prices may be a bit higher than others, but we hope you agree the quality of our products and services are worth it!